5 Ways To Keep Yourself Motivated By: Mahesh Bairwa
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5 Ways To Keep Yourself Motivated By: Mahesh Bairwa

Today we all are so much busy in our work, studies, social life and many many other places. Sometimes we fell into a feeling of depression, always looking someone to get attention or we all try different ways to keep ourself happy. There is a time when we are in a crowd but still we can’t find ourself happy from inside and try to get rid of people, society and stuffs. There is no reason behind feeling low its just we feel not enough for ourself to keep enthusiastic and motivated.
Here we got some best ways to keep yourself motivated.

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You may got many friends maybe you like to spend time with them, enjoying their company but have you ever noticed that because of their words you somewhere deep inside doubting yourself which is a point where you need to stop interacting with those people. Words have power even vibes can affect you. A word you use can influence someone and create a heavy impact on someone’s mind. Some people always finds out negative side of every story maybe they have this behavior or their experience is forcing them to thinking in that particular way, but why you need to listen those people. No need to make others happy just stand apart and find out positive sides of everything and try out cause even you fail in your own thought it would give your own experience and a satisfaction of doing something new. Never stop yourself because of others.

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Why we stop our self trying something new or doing something special? Don’t you have enough budget to enjoy your life how you want to? Are you an introvert, Don’t find yourself comfortable in outside world. Don’t you have right people to enjoy moments with or afraid of family or society? 
Let me tell you… You might have heard this thousand times before “You only live once” but i would say we only die once we can live everyday, every minute, every second of our life. Just procrastinating or not keeping yourself busy is not life. Start saying yess to your friends, family, relatives, nature, and everything. challenge yourself for everything say yes to all conditions coming in front of you. no money no problems this is fun, it will give a different experience that you never get into before. No from family don’t ask them make yourself bold enough to face your family after finishing your desires. Its just a simple yes and YES you can do it.

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RESPONSIBILITY …. We all are running from our responsibility and looking forward for our all results. But here we got a point that responsibility and results are two sides of a same coin. First do your duties make a routine never skip any important or urgent stuff in life. It will make you feel better from inside. Every moment when you achieve something – doesn’t matter how small or big it is it will make you energetic keep you enthusiastic after every work completion. We need result but it has to be pulled by your efforts, make a routine and follow it. Don’t just follow same schedule everyday just throw out those activities from your schedule which is not giving any result and not keeping you happy from inside. You are the one who has to work for yourself no one else can keep you high every time. Even if you don’t have anything to do just not stay empty find out something there is hundreds of work to do in your home only. help your mom, write something, dance, sing loud, make videos, read books, or anything you can find nearby. Small works will give you big push in life.

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Here is something really important what we do when we feel bore and alone. We find someone who can make you laugh or engage you in some conversation, we find movie to watch, we listen to the jokes but WHY. I got the answer we try to entertain our self but why  do we need something to keep us happy just be that source which make others happy. Don’t stop yourself doesn’t matter how wrong you are but always smile make others laugh this will keep you motivated not empty. When people will call you to make themselves feel good that moment will push you that moment is the one which will generate motivation. Speak up, don’t be shy man we all are same we all are connected emotionally we can sell anything in this world but moment is that when you have demand in between your social group. Always stay high as sky.

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Why we fell sad or go guilty just because of our past live incidents. Whatever those moments were you did best of your knowledge and skills at that time. you might have better option but you did what you wanted to may be because of lack of knowledge or experience. Today that all has no value. Whatever happened was just a story of life which you mistakenly wrote in your book. Even most successful man of this world took a lot of wrong turn in their life.
Why are you worried about your future, wasting your time on thinking and planning about tomorrow, Just do something today tomorrow you will automatically do a better stuff than today. Don’t dream for results of your efforts in coming time.
Just focus today this is the time do anything be a student, be a painter, be a driver, be a doctor anything just give your best something you never done before. don’t loose hopes just continue your work and follow passion. You will soon feeling motivated and start enjoying your present.

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I hope above points were useful to you and will make some changes in your life.

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