Nischita Poetry

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Pause and simply step outside, There's so much more to look at, Than just your phone. Take a look at the real world, Rather than your ex's pictures. Feel the breeze gently hit your skin, Rather than the smoke, From all the cigs, Killing you from deep within. Touch your body And feel good about it. Rather than worrying about Fat or cellulite. So pause and step outside, For you will witness beauty, That you never have.


Digging my pain deeper and deeper, Or choosing to let you go, Just for a better future. My eyes are bleeding, To get your view. While my body cries, To be caressed by you. Stop stabbing me, With those words, those actions Leave my heart before I arrive, I rather give up on you, Than my precious life.


Somehow today I'm startled, How stone hearted you could behave. Used to laugh at your desperation, Now for the same I crave. I want to embrace you, With all my inperfections. And never wanna let you go, To witness a beautiful perfection. Refusing to move on, I'm holding onto the shiny past. Begging myself to step into the gloomy present, Where all our troubles looked vast. I close my eyes, To feel your face. Cuz that's my only escape, From this never ending maze.


We are as perfect as we can be, noting has felt this true. Love like air I breath, men like you are just very few. Don't know if I'm lucky or blessed, to have met someone like you. All my need you fulfill, this just can't be true. Stumbled upon many, but chose to be called "yours". Can never be enough grateful, for accepting all my flaws. Written your name on my heart. and it pounds for you, For all that my heart has gone through, the best by far is you.


I see your looking at me, miles apart, yet strings attached. Piercing my eyes, with your intense gaze. Those hazel eyes, that I loved looking at, as our lips used to meet. Gone are the days, when I used to make sure you ate. You don't even care, if I'm starving now. Not just from food, but your long lost love.


Every beat of my heart, revolving around you. Your kindness and love, I believe is true. The warmth of your breath, wrapped around my lips. Each touch of those bare hands, my body tingles as I finish. I could witness compassion, in those eyes. And taste my future, in your lips. For all that my heart has been through, you embraced it with love. My happiness and prosperity, lies in yours my love.


Your tremendous desires, they are eventually fulfilled. You make me fee, things I've never felt before. Your touch brings me chills, your absence always kills. Run your hands down my spine, I close my eyes. Your gentle kisses, for which my lips quiver. My lips lost in yours, and my hair summed u in your waist. Hand in hand, baby that's it. Just say you won''t let go, You won't let go.

Another chance

I feel you in my soul, In the beats of my heart, In every breath that I take, You are the reason for. You caused me so much pain, Every tear knew you. Let's dust it all out, People like you are truly very few. Looking past all your flaws, And forgiving all your faults, I don't even seem to regret, Cause your really mean a lot. I have nothing much to say, I am sure you don't too, But before we take the past's glace Can we give it another chance?


My heart beats faster, Bracing for the thrill. I push your hard, Traveling at a sensuous pace. Your touch has e moaning, Begging for more Your hot passionate kisses, I simply adore. Lick and caress me, I'm so lost Hold me so tight, No breeze can pass. Your lips spilled upon my collar bones, While my hands grabbing, For something more.

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